To-Do Lists

I'm sure if you are still buried under 2 feet of snow you aren't wondering where winter went but I'm finding myself wondering how December, January, and February have all passed by already. The part of the season that isn't packed with racing and heavy training while juggling work and family is quickly coming to an end and its time to start juggling again. On second thought, we never really stop juggling, we just fill our time with other stuff that don't happen when the training load is heavy. Stuff, a very simple work, is just a general term for all of the other responsibilities you have.  Life, unfortunately, is not as simple as swim, eat, bike, eat, run, eat, sleep, repeat for most of us.  Everybody has an entire collection of other stuff that keeps multiplying and getting pushed to the back-burner or to the side.

Its time now to make sure you have a plan to juggle only what you can handle without dropping anything important.

My personal list of stuff is long, but I know that some of the items need to get crossed off before the meat of the season starts or focus will be compromised. When focus is compromised, your goals are compromised so make the decision to ensure this isn't your reality. 

This week I made a list of things that need to get accomplished outside of work and training that willmake next week less complicated.  They have to do with all of that other stuff we talked about earlier. Get out a sheet of paper and a pen and start writing. Take a few minutes to write down a few things that you know need to get crossed of your to-do list this week to make next week less complicated.  Stick that paper someplace where you see it everyday. Seems simple enough, right? 

Resolve to cross one of those items off your list. Do you know how good it feels to cross things off a list?!  If not you are missing out on a simple pleasure in life, I promise.  I've crossed three things off this week and have a couple more to go but they will get done. Take some time to do this before your season starts, your mind will have less weighing on it!