For the ladies...sorry guys...


Real talk for a minute ladies. Sorry guys, this is probably not for you unless you are shopping for your better halves who enjoy a bit of running or cycling. Better luck next time ;-)

Hawai'i life means it's basically warm all year long and most training hours are logged in a jog bra or a jog bra under a cycling jersey (or a jog bra on the bike trainer).  It's just too warm to wear more layers. Even if you live someplace cold, you still need a solid jog bra under all of your layers!  Translation,  I literally wore one of my Epix Gear jog bras 6 days a week in 2017 and the trend continues this season.

Fun fact #1: The black and pink fabric doesn't fade in the Hawaiian sun, and the white stays crisp no matter how many times you spray yourself with sunscreen and sweat more than humanly possible (gross, I know!).  Trust me, I've tested this over and over again.

Fun fact #2: My jog bras from 2017 are literally just as tight as they were out of the package.  The beautiful black and pink bras for 2018 have been worn, washed, and air dried a handful of times already with the same wonderful results. No stretching!

Fun fact #3: Some people are blessed with skin that doesn't get irritated, I'm not one of them. Sorry if that's too much information.  Chaffing, rubbing, and skin getting so raw it bleeds have been real problems for me in the past. I have had NONE of those problems with the Epix Gear jog bra. The seams are flat and placed so they do not rub. Better yet, there is a second layer of defense, a liner!  Everything stays in place and nothing rubs. No anti chafe cream of any kind needed. 

Fun fact #4: For women who race in just a jog bra, it doesn't gap in TT position on a bike. AMAZING!

Stay tuned for the next review!!